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Czupajło & Ciskowski Kancelaria Adwokacka sp.p.

We think boldly!

We focus on safeguard to our Clients’ business. We provide a comprehensive set of legal services for corporate entities and support individual Clients with their claims against financial institutions. A domain we particularly specialize in is the real estate and financial market. Having in-depth knowledge allows us to advise on the real estate investment process.

We are the team of experienced lawyers able to respond quickly and find effective solutions tailored to the specific challenges. We are guided by the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for actions taken.

Czupajło & Ciskowski Kancelaria Adwokacka sp.p.

Swiss Franc Loans

We represent borrowers who were convinced that a loan indexed to a foreign currency exchange rate (usually in CHF) would be more profitable, safer and cheaper than a PLN loan, or who did not have the ability to take an ordinary PLN loan. Having in-depth knowledge and rich experience concerning Swiss Franc loan cases allows us to develop the most effective dispute strategy.


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