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Labour law

Labour law

Before, during and after employment various problems may arise – both on the employer`s and the employee`s side.


The issues relate in particular to:

– time before employment – drafting employment agreements, analysis of agreements, negotiations of the proposed working conditions;

– situations during employment – preparation of work regulations, negotiations of the payment and working conditions, determine the time of work;

– termination of employment – assessment of the correctness and effectiveness of the termination of employment, restoration of employment or obtain compensation, claims for unpaid wages, discrimination, mobbing or unequal treatment.


We have appropriate knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive legal assistance, both in individual and collective labour law. The ability to anticipate any possible threats and legal consequences, rapid and thoughtful decision-making allow us to efficiently and impressively support our Clients not only at courts.

What the cooperation looks like

Initial consultation, free of charge

A free initial consultation allows us to acquaint ourselves with the Client’s situation and to give a price quote.

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement prevents future misunderstandings.

Work on a case

Depending on the arrangements made within the framework of an agreement we undertake all actions ordered by the Client.

Knowledge and competences

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