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Court proceedings

Housing and real estate law is subject to significant risk of legal disputes. It’s the result of many factors related to the value of the carried out transactions and also with the high complexity of the law regulations in this fields. For this reason, ongoing legal service for real estate market participants are constantly providing cases which our clients become actively involved in legal dispute. This mainly concerns developers, designers or contractors of construction works.


In such cases, the main task that our Law Office sets itself is to suport the Client in order to amicable resolve the dispute. We are convinced that regardless of the importance (also emotional) of the legal dispute, compromise negotiations should always take a part in solving the dispute. By avoiding the lawsuit, our Clients save time and money, that may be even more valuable than just court ruling.


In case when amicable settlement of legal dispute resolving is not possible, our Law Office provides Clients with professional and comprehensive services of lawsuits. It’s depend on individual approach to each case, in-depth  substantive preparation and consistent in implementation of Clients interests. Servicing in the house and real estate market causes that lawsuits in this area are the most important part of proceeding practice in our Law Office. On the other hand,  our successes in the courts cause that Clients entrust us with the cases settled in the other areas of Law.

What the cooperation looks like

Initial consultation, free of charge

A free initial consultation allows us to acquaint ourselves with the Client’s situation and to give a price quote.

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement prevents future misunderstandings.

Work on a case

Depending on the arrangements made within the framework of an agreement we undertake all actions ordered by the Client.

Knowledge and competences

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