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Real estate contracts

All activity on the real estate markets requires resposible legal supports, so that real estate transactions could run smoothly and safely, which is important in this type of contracts. Our Law Office specializes in drafting, reviewing and negotiating real estate market contracts, such as:

  • Loan and credit contracts, investment contracts;
  • Real estate sales contracts, preliminary contracts and also reservation and developer contracts,
  • Contracts for design works, contract for transfer of copyright, project management contracts,
  • Contracts for construction works, contracts for renovation works, contracts with subcontractors,
  • Contracts for real estate management
  • Real estate lease agreement

Due to our experience in providing legal services for participants of real estate market, we approach the services we provide comprehensively, with the awareness of various mechanisms operating in this business. Contracts drawn up, reviewed or negotiated by us fulfill  the needs of our clients, regardless of whether it is a developer planning an investment process, a general contractor for construction works, or a tenant of real estate intended for running a business. Knowledge of many perspectives allows our clients to minimize legal risks from activity on the market.

What the cooperation looks like

Initial consultation, free of charge

A free initial consultation allows us to acquaint ourselves with the Client’s situation and to give a price quote.

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement prevents future misunderstandings.

Work on a case

Depending on the arrangements made within the framework of an agreement we undertake all actions ordered by the Client.

Knowledge and competences

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