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Housing communities and associations

Housing communities and associations often cooperate with developers, tenants of business premises, advertisers, media providers or companies doing repair work. Unfortunately, the cooperation is not always arranged in a way that the association would expect. Dealing with such entities it is good to have constant support of a lawyer who has the speficic knowledge and experience in this branch of law.


In the current activity of communities and associations there are problems with resolutions and statutes. These documents are often not sufficiently clear and understandable, they are contrary to the law or affect the interests of some members of the associations. This creates further problems and complications. Current knowledge of the functioning of the association, legal regulations and knowledge about the situation of its individual members allows us to increase the efficiency of our operations and better take care of the interests of our Clients.

What the cooperation looks like

Initial consultation, free of charge

A free initial consultation allows us to acquaint ourselves with the Client’s situation and to give a price quote.

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement prevents future misunderstandings.

Work on a case

Depending on the arrangements made within the framework of an agreement we undertake all actions ordered by the Client.

Knowledge and competences

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