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The decision about divorce is one of the most difficult in life of the spouses. Always it is a huge stress and emotions. The condition for obtaining a divorce is a complete and permanent loss of relationships which are typical for marriage. You need to be aware of all actions during trial. Things get more complicated when the couple have children or fortune in common. Then in the divorce judgment, the judge must decide a lot of important issues, such as parental contacts with children and alimony for them. If the spouses after the divorce intend to continue living in a common apartment, the judge should also predicate the regulation of how to use it.


Assistance of a lawyer is very helpful in this kind of cases. We are aware that divorce is always associated with negative emotions so we proceed with tact and sensitivity and we do our best to achieve the expected results. Adequate knowledge, experience and understanding which we offer to our Clients, allow for the termination of the divorce in the most beneficial way.

What the cooperation looks like

Initial consultation, free of charge

A free initial consultation allows us to acquaint ourselves with the Client’s situation and to give a price quote.

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement

Agreeing on the terms of the cooperation and signing an agreement prevents future misunderstandings.

Work on a case

Depending on the arrangements made within the framework of an agreement we undertake all actions ordered by the Client.

Knowledge and competences

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